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Botox and pregnancy

If you have always looked toward Botox as your number one aging skin treatment, you may want to consider switching to cosmetic facial fillers.

Much like Botox injections, facial fillers also utilize a needle to inject a serum into the skin that helps to add volume to a patient’s dermis. In procedures such as juvederm, the treatment is administered using hyaluronic acid that has been manufactured to resemble a gel-like substance. The juvederm injection site is filled with the acid, and instantly improves sagging or wrinkled skin.

So how much do facial fillers cost?

That depends on how many treatments you want to go for, what kind of treatment you choose, and how much you are willing to spend. Each clinic may also give you a different quote as well, but the injection you want will likely be the biggest indicator of how much you will pay.

For example, a simple collagen boost will probably be your cheapest option, and ring in at around $200. On the other hand, Sculptra, which uses polylactic acid, can set you back at least $900. Juvederm is somewhere in the middle, around $500.

You will also want to keep in mind that the price tag will also depend on the surgeon. A newer one may not charge you as much, because he or she is trying to build a client base for his or her business. But, for your own good, steer clear of neophyte surgeons who seem appealing because of their low prices. Instead, look for an experienced surgeon to do the job — you don’t want a botched job that takes a year to disappear from your face.

Though any facial filler will only last you for a short period of time, you want the first time to be perfect. So, along with asking surgeons, “How much do facial fillers cost at your clinic?,” be sure to have a conversation with them about their experience in the field.

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