For Weight Loss, Support and Motivation Are Key

Gastric bypass surgery

Weight loss can be a health issue, but it can be difficult for many people to achieve a healthy weight on their own. As well as diet and lifestyle changes, education and motivation are important factors. People looking for effective weight loss may choose to go to weight loss centers for medically supervised weight loss and weight loss surgery. Procedures like sleeve gastrectomy, duodenal switch and gastric bypass surgery can help people who find it impossible to lose weight.

Obesity can be a health risk
The medical of definition of obesity is a body weight that is 20% over the normal weight for the height. As much as a third of the U.S. population is considered obese according to this definition. Obesity affects both physical and emotional health negatively, increasing the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.
In fact, obesity is the second leading cause of preventable deaths, after smoking. It also leads to emotional problems like stress, depression and loss of self confidence, all of which contribute to a lower quality of life. With all these negative factors associated with obesity, most people who are obese do try and lose weight to achieve a healthy lifestyle. However, it can be difficult to achieve and sustain weight loss without help.

Why is it so difficult to lose weight?
Motivation and support may be the biggest factors in losing weight and keeping it off. They are also the factors that are lacking in most people?s lives. As many as 50% of those trying to lose weight feel that they don?t have the self discipline to succeed.
Education and support are crucial to weight loss. Changes that lead to a healthy lifestyle with healthy foods and enough exercise and sleep are the best way to achieve this, but can be difficult to sustain over time. Medically supervised weight loss can help many people to achieve their healthy weight. For people who are severely obese, surgical procedures like gastric bypass surgery can help.

How medical weight loss centers can help
With a staff of understanding and caring professionals, including surgeons, bariatricians, program coordinators and registered dietitians, a medical weight loss clinic is well equipped to help those affected by severe obesity. Surgical procedures like sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and duodenal switch surgeries can lead to drastic reductions in weight.
Moreover, weight loss achieved through medical support can be maintained over the long term. This is because the entire process is supervised and diet is strictly maintained after the procedure. Weight loss surgery also results in changes to the metabolism that decrease appetite. The changes also enhance the feelings of satiety and fullness, which prevents overeating and weight gain in the future.

For people trying to lose weight, support and motivation are the key factors. In cases of severe obesity, procedures like gastric bypass surgery can help in achieving long term weigh loss.

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