Finding the Right Nursing Home for Your Elderly or Chronically Ill Loved One

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Finding the right skilled nursing care facility for an elderly or chronically ill loved one can be a difficult task. After all, there are many skilled care nursing facilities to choose from, and how are you supposed to know which one is the best one? Well, the “best” skilled nursing care facility may not be the same for every person. Each skilled nursing care facility has its own proz and cons, and each patient has their own needs and preferences. Here’s a list of tips to keep in mind that might help you figure out how to choose a nursing home.

  • Ask around – You’ve undoubtedly heard horror stories about patients in nursing homes being neglected or mistreated. That’s certainly not what you want to happen, so it’s a good idea to check with friends to find out if they have had good or bad experiences with particular area nursing homes. This will at least give you a starting point, perhaps narrowing down your list of options a bit.
  • Pay a visit (or two) – Visit any nursing home you’re considering. It’s one thing to look at the website, read a brochure, and speak with a representative over the phone, but it’s another thing entirely to go there and see the place. Pay a scheduled visit, but also stop by unannounced, to see how they operate when they’re not expecting to impress anyone.
  • Check out the staff –When you’re on the visit, pay attention to the staff. First of all, what is the ratio of staff to residents? How do they interact with the residents during nursing home activities? Don’t be afraid to speak to the current residents and ask them how they feel about the staff.
  • Trust your gut –Throughout this entire process, you need to trust your gut. If something doesn’t seem right, don’t be afraid to ask about it. And if the answer doesn’t satisfy you, and there is still something about a particular facility that isn’t sitting right with you, then don’t go with it. You want to feel comfortable, and know that your loved one with receive the very best care.
  • Read everything before you sign it –Don’t get fooled into trusting anyone. Make sure you read absolutely everything, including the fine print. The cost of nursing home care can be pretty steep, so you don’t want to be roped into paying extra surprise fees for services you thought or assumed were included.

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