Fighting the Effects of Environmental Aging

Cosmetic solutions for skin care

For many adults in the U.S., wrinkles and other signs of aging are a top concern. We desire to look healthy and radiant and that usually means having younger looking skin. The anti-aging industry in the U.S. was worth about $80 billion in 2011 and this figure is expected to grow to $114 billion by 2015, further proving that Americans want their skin to look more youthful and healthier. As we learn more and more about the science behind why we show signs of aging, we can discover and implement ways to prevent it. A main cause of age signs such as sun spots, age spots and wrinkles are environmental factors like air pollution and exposure to U.V. rays, hence the term “Environmental Aging”. While these things can’t be avoided completely, many private label skin care manufacturers offer products that can fight them.

We know more now about the dangers of the sun than ever before. When unprotected skin receives too much exposure to harmful U.V. rays, it can lead to negative effects in the short term (burns and peeling) and the long term (wrinkles and sun spots). To prevent aging caused by the sun, it is important to use a quality sunscreen like those offered by private label skin care manufacturers. Sunscreen is only effective if used properly. This means using it daily, even on cloudy days when U.V. rays can still reach the earth’s surface. Additionally, it should be reapplied every two hours and after swimming and sweating. Sunscreen comes in a variety of formulas and many times private label manufacturers for skin care offer high quality sunscreen lotions that nourish the skin as well as protect it.

Another unavoidable environmental factor that can lead to aging skin is air pollution. Exposure to air pollution causes the body to produce more free radicals (unstable oxygen molecules) which lead to wrinkles and age spots. As with the sun, you can limit your exposure to it but it is impossible to avoid it completely. Exposure to air pollution, like from traffic, can cause you to have deeper lines and wrinkles and it even increases age spots by as much as 20%. While there is no way to shield yourself from the air that touches your skin everyday, there are many high end private label cosmetics that can help protect your skin from it and even reverse its negative effects. Many of these cosmetic solutions for skin care contain antioxidants which protect against free radicals.

Because these environmental factors are something we are all exposed to in our daily lives, it is important for us to implement a skin care regimen that can not only prevent the damaging effects but reverse them as well. The best products for this are often offered by private label skin care manufacturers that are available at doctors offices and spas. When fighting age signs is a top priority, high-quality professional skin care products can be a great asset.

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