Facts About Health for Women

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Prenatal care is a vital practice to prevent otherwise unforeseeable issues during pregnancy and birth. It is recommended that women begin prenatal care during their first trimester of pregnancy, but only around 71 percent of women do so. Also, around 7 percent of women do not seek prenatal care until their third trimester.

Women health services are available for all women to educate as well as help prevent illness. They also help with pregnancy and prenatal care. Virginia beach obgyn will consult with and care for a woman throughout pregnancy and is also the doctor that delivers the baby. Norfolk obgyn specialize in prenatal care and know which issues to look out for and prevent during pregnancy and delivery.

Health care for women is much different than that for men. Women require care and services to prevent a number of gender specific illnesses such as breast cancer and ovarian cancer, as well as issues related to the menstrual cycle such as PMDD, or Premenstrual Dysforic Disorder. Many of the gender specific illnesses women face can be detected and addressed by obgyn doctors.

When visiting an obgyn, for pregnancies or otherwise, a number of tests will be conducted to make sure there are no issues that need addressed immediately, such as cysts or indications of cancer. In regards to prenatal care, an obgyn will monitor the pregnancy through blood tests and ultrasounds to ensure the mother and baby remain healthy.

Much of prenatal care requires taking prenatal vitamins, avoiding certain foods that are harmful to the baby and taking care not to become physically overexerted. Doctor visits during pregnancy will increase in frequency throughout the pregnancy. It is not uncommon for women to be put under bed rest for a portion of the pregnancy to prevent stress, overexertion and early labor. In general, a pregnancy should last around 40 weeks, or 9 months. The earlier prenatal care is started there is a better chance of a full term, healthy pregnancy.

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