Examining FUE Hair Transplant Costs, Scarring, and Other Hair Options

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Society and the beauty industry have conspired to create unrealistic standards of beauty and what qualifies as attractive or not, in several different areas. We are constantly bombarded with images of perfectly toned body shapes, flawless skin, perfectly straight and pearly white teeth, and thick, full heads of hair. While these images are indeed beautiful, implying that this flawless and narrow picture is the only type of beauty is unrealistic, shallow, and unreasonable. Everyone should feel free to embrace whatever kind of beauty they were born with and have nurtured themselves, but attempting to push everyone into the same box by encouraging conformity to that singular idea of beauty is ridiculous.

While the main focus should be acceptance and building confidence in your own brand of beauty, there is nothing wrong with exploring your options if there is something that you would like to improve or change about your appearance. As long as that desire to change is coming from a healthy place and not an oppressed or ashamed place, you should feel free to get creative with your options. For some people, that might mean finding a good hair loss specialist.

Heading to a hair clinic for your future hair options

If you are feeling a bit bare in the hair department, there are options for you to explore. Your first step should be to schedule an appointment with a hair loss specialist, to discuss just what you might be able to consider to work toward a new look. During your visit, you could discuss options like scalp micropigmentation, FUE hair transplant costs, and the different aspects you will need to be aware of regarding FUSS.

    Getting to know your options

  • Scalp micropigmentation

    Micropigmentation is a great option if you have extremely short hair, as it essentially dyes the skin on your scalp to match your hair color, giving the illusion that you have a fuller head of hair than you actually do. The procedure is nonsurgical, and the medical grade pigments that are used are permanent, so you don’t have to worry about reapplying the pigment.
  • The FUE hair transplant procedure
    FUE hair transplant, or Follicular Unit Extraction, involves the removal of individual hair follicles from a healthy donor area in order to replace them elsewhere on the scalp, so that hair will grow in areas that it previously did not. FUE is less invasive than FUSS, but FUE hair transplant costs tend to be higher as there are often more advantages associated with this procedure, such as a general lack of scarring. Be sure to fully discuss the entire procedure with your specialist, including what exactly the FUE hair transplant cost is, if you are a good candidate for the procedure, and if you will indeed be able to avoid scarring. The procedure can often be done in a single day, and the healing time is minimal.
  • The FUSS hair transplant procedure

    Similar to FUE, FUSS, or Follicular Unit Strip Surgery, involves moving hair from one area of the scalp to another. However in this procedure, an entire strip of the scalp is removed from an area of the head that is not balding, and it is repositioned to an area of the scalp that no longer grows hair. This procedure is much more invasive, and will leave scarring. It is important that you understand all the aspects of this procedure, as there is a higher complication rate, and the recovery time is generally longer than other similar procedures.

Thoroughly discuss each option with your specialist, and carefully weigh each option and what it would mean for you. Is the FUE hair transplant cost worth it? Would you not mind the scarring of FUSS? Do you keep your hair short enough that micropigmentation would make the most sense? Figure out what would work best for you, and grow that mane!

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