Everything You Need to Know About Providing Your Clients Private Label Skincare Solutions

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Did you know that acne is one of the most common skin disorders in the U.S.? If you own a doctor?s office, it makes sense that you may want to offer skin care solutions to treat acne. Considering that about 85% of people will experience acne at some point in their life, it can significantly open up the potential number of patients you can treat.

Not surprisingly, it can be exceedingly expensive to produce your own skin care lines if you own a clinic — prohibitively so. The costs of testing products for USDA approval alone are often too high for a doctor?s office to realistically be able to pass on the cost without dramatically overpricing the product. Another option, then, is private label skin care. The advantage of private label skincare for spas, doctors offices, and clinics is that you can customize it to suit your business?s needs, while still ensuring that the product is effective and well tested.

Why not just tell your customers that it?s a white label product? The thing is, your expertise matters, and is valued. If a product comes with your name on it, your consumers will trust it more, and also view it as an extension of their overall spa experience. It?s also worth noting that many high end private label cosmetics never sell directly to consumers, choosing always to sell to spas and clinics rather than having to spend money on marketing to individuals. You?re not preventing your customers from buying it somewhere else, because there is nowhere else to buy it.

So what sort of cosmetic solutions for skin care are there for managing acne? Acne pads are becoming increasingly popular; many people want an ?on the go? option that they can employ throughout the day — not just at home. Organic skin care solutions are also being increasingly demanded as consumers look for options that are less likely to damage their skin or be bad for the environment.

Professional skin care products can help you help your consumers, and they can help your spa or clinic stand out in a crowd. Do you have any questions about which cosmetic solutions for skin care would be appropriate for your clinic? Or, do you have any recommendations for further personalizing and customizing the experience? Let us know.

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