Everything You Need to Know About High Frequency Acne Care

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If you have stubborn acne, it may feel like you’ve gone through every treatment in the book trying to get rid of it. If you’ve tried everything from irritating creams to nightly facials with no success, it may be time to try a high frequency skin care machine.

High frequency facial devices use relaxing low-level currents of electricity to infuse your skin with oxygen molecules that rejuvenate and purify your cells. The oxygen molecules elevate collagen and elastin production, cleanse impurities and encourage cellular repair.

High frequency skin care machines offer a myriad of skin benefits. In addition to clearing existing acne and preventing potential breakouts, they also improve skin texture and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Enlarged pores and puffiness are reduced to create a more even skin tone, and dead skin and debris are exfoliated. high frequency skin care machines can even encourage healthier hair growth.

High frequency acne care is a great option for someone who just doesn’t feel like traditional treatments are working for them. You can choose to use a high frequency treatment exclusively, or you can use it to enhance your current skin care regimen. High frequency devices actually increase the penetration of skin care creams and serums, allowing them to go deeper into your skin and work even better.

Best of all, high frequency is completely safe, comfortable and even relaxing to use at home. Portable devices can be purchased from various beauty retailers. Though you can get high frequency services from a spa or skin care specialist, paying the up-front cost for your own device can often save you money over time.

Usually, high frequency facial devices only need to be used for a few minutes every few days, as directed. Treatment is quick, painless and non invasive and can be performed right in your own home. You don’t have to live with acne. Look into high frequency solutions today and kiss breakouts goodbye.

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