Everything You Need to Know About CBD

You can find CBD just about everywhere now, but you may have some questions about it. What exactly is CBD? Can I get high from it? Are there health benefits of CBD? These are all typical questions that Doctor Jordan Wagner hears. In this video, he discusses where CBD came from, what it is, and if it has health benefits.

Many people believe that CBD is a brand new topic, but it actually has a rich history. It was first extracted from the cannabis plant in 1942 by a Harvard professor to do research on.

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Since then, it has been massed produced and now is in different consumer products from food to body lotion.

CBD is the cousin of THC which is the main ingredient in marijuana that gets you high. For people who don’t want to feel high, CBD does not contain any THC meaning that you won’t get that feeling if you ingest CBD.

Many people still feel weary about CBD, but if you watch this video, you will learn so much more about CBD and even some health benefits from it! But, always consult with your doctor before trying CBD to make sure they think it could benefit you as well.


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