Does your Insurance Cover All your Reproductive Needs?

Womens health

Womens health doesn’t sound like it should be controversial, right? We want women to be healthy. However, when you look at the reproductive health services not covered on many health insurance plans, you might get the opposite impression. Below are the vital health needs that some insurances choose to skip.

90% of women experience perimenopause—a stretch of altered menstrual cycles—before menopause. Perimenopause usually lasts around four years. One way to get relief from this middle group is to use bioidentical hormone therapy. This hormone replacement therapy helps the body lock into its pre-menapausal hormonal pattern to avoid the side effects of sitting on the Perimenopausal fence.

In Vitro Fertilization
Having trouble conceiving? We hope you have good health insurance. In vitro can cost a pretty penny if it is not covered by your health plan. Infertility is a common problem. Many experience trouble conceiving a child and 11% even have trouble after having their first with conceiving a second child. If kids are in your cards, splurge for a more expensive and expansive plan. While you are at, explore other assisted reproductive technology that might need and see if it is included.

Identification of causes of infertility in women
It’s not just assisted reproductive technology that insurance scares away from. It’s also the exploration of infertility issues! Before you can build a good plan of action, you have to understand what causes your infertility. Be sure that your insurance will cover that time spent with a doctor.

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