Do People Use CBN for Sleep?

More and more people are transitioning to healthier sleep aids. People are looking for alternative methods to help them fall and stay asleep. The use of cannabinoids as a sleep aid has reached mainstream popularity. Clinical studies suggest that cannabidiol (CBD) is a popular choice as a sleep aid. The YouTube video “Uses of CBN: What does it do for you?” highlights Cannabinol CBN for sleep as another option. There’s little research on CBN.

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Yet, the research that has been conducted looks promising.

Does CBN Work As a Sleep Aid?

Let’s start by looking at what CBN is. It’s a cannabinoid that forms in the cannabis plant. When another cannabinoid known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) begins to break down, CBN forms. Certain factors help it form, including light, heat, and oxygen. It does not have the intoxicating properties of THC. As mentioned before, there are limited studies. However, researchers are optimistic about the effects of CBN as a sleep aid.

The product comes in various forms that are easy to digest. Customers can purchase CBN gummies, tinctures, drinks, or candy. The product takes roughly 30 to 180 minutes to take effect. It may make users feel drowsy and fall asleep quickly.


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