Cycling From Health and Fitness to Environmental Benefits

Cycling is a popular type of recreation as well as an excellent form of exercise. During the spring of 2017, for example, 66.21 million Americans reported that they had gone cycling over the past 12 months. Given the popularity of cycling, millions of bicycles are manufactured every year. In fact, recent figures indicate that this amounts to more than 100 million throughout the world. It’s interesting to note that there are more bicycles than motor vehicles in the world. This amounts to approximately one billion bicycles, which is roughly twice the number of motor vehicles.

How Cycling Provides Health and Fitness Benefits

Glenn Stewart’s research, which was conducted at Brunel University in London, revealed some important health benefits associated with cycling. According to his findings, the risk of premature mortality could be reduced by as much as 30%. Furthermore, cycling can also reduce the risk of someone developing cardiorespiratory diseases by roughly 40%.

When people bike, rather than drive to work, it can burn fat as well. A 2017 study found that cycling to work can have the equivalent effect of working out at the gym five days every week for 40 minutes. In addition to burning fat, cycling can also build muscle strength and endurance.

How Cycling Benefits the Environment

The energy and resources it takes to just make one car can create as many as 100 bicycles. Given the number of people choosing to ride bicycles, more than 238 millions of gas are saved on an annual basis. Recent data shows that a considerable amount of carbon dioxide can be prevented from being emitted when people ride their bicycle rather than drive their car for short trips. For example, if only 20% of the short trips from Milwaukee to Madison, Wisconsin, were taken on a bicycle instead, 57,405 tons of carbon dioxide wouldn’t be emitted into the environment.

Chainring for Bikes and Other Replacement Parts

Whether you’ve been cycling for years or are just getting started, there are a variety of accessories and replacement parts you may want. If your bike didn’t come with toe clips, for example, then you may want to add them to your pedals. If your chainring for bikes has worn out or been damaged, you’ll want to get a new chainring for bikes. Since end caps for handlebars can crack or become worn down over time, you may want to replace them so you have a more comfortable grip.

There are, of course, other accessories and replacement parts available for different styles and brands of bikes. Once you visit your local bicycle shop or speak with a bicycle company representative, you’ll be able to learn more about what you need to fix or upgrade your bike. When you keep your bike well-maintained, you’ll be able to enjoy riding it for years to come.

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