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Human beings are unique among all animals in that we are bipedal, walking on two legs and having two free limbs. This offered a number of evolutionary advantages for our ancestors, and the human skeleton as designed to reflect this. Our S-shaped spine, upright pelvic bone, arched feet, and long legs are all made for bipedal walking, but this can wear out the spine and hips over time. Today, back pain and ankle pain are common issues among people around the world, and arthritis is a common issue for the elderly. Fortunately, problems with the spine, back muscles, and more can be treated with surgery, medicine, and non-invasive methods as well. Some problems such as a slipped disc call for surgery, but general spine and back problems can be addressed with non-invasive methods instead. This can be done with the bare hands or back adjustment tools, and physical therapy tools and a muscle testing machine can all aid recovery. Some patients who need a back adjustment tool are recovering from an injury, while others are the elderly who are losing their mobility. When is it time for a back adjustment tool, and when are bare hands or yoga more relevant to recovery?

Back Pain

Chronic pain conditions affect many people around the world, and that often includes back pain. The human spine is an evolutionary marvel, but it can also suffer some wear and tear after hard work, injury, or decades of walking upright. In the United States in particular, back pain is common, and statistics are being kept to track how often it happens and why. Experts have found that nearly half of all working Americans are suffering from back pain, and around 80% of all Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. About one in three women, and one in four men, will experience back pain at some point in their adult lives. Often, it is hard manual labor that strains the back muscles and bones, causing this pain. In other cases, it is ongoing stress that may cause back pain, and pregnant women may experience back pain as the added weight shifts their center of gravity and stresses the spine. And of course, the elderly suffer chronic back pain simply due to a long life of upright walking. A back adjustment tool, yoga, and more can help with all this.

Using a Back Adjustment Tool

In some cases of back pain or a spinal problem, a non-invasive session of chiropractic tool use can do a lot of good. A patient suffering from back pain may consult his or her doctor, and get a referral for a spine or back specialist, such as a chiropractor. In some cases, these doctors may use specialized items that use pressure and vibration to ease stress and pain on the joints and muscles, and this can help relax muscles and free pinched or pressurized nerves. This can soon lead to pain relief, not to mention restore the patient’s mobility. What is more, after a patient has gone through physical recovery (with or without tools), the therapist may perform range of motion testing on their patient to gauge the results. This often involves using stretchy, rubber items or weights to test how much strength the patient can muster to resist the item’s pull, and this can also be done to measure how far the patient may bend and stretch. The results may affect whether or not the physical therapy must continue. Most often, this will be done in hospitals with a physical therapist helping their patient.

Other Methods

Sometimes, just a doctor’s bare hands or yoga is needed to relieve back pain and restore a patient’s range of motion. A person’s doctor may recommend that their patient visit a chiropractor or a yoga expert, and this can do a lot of good. Yoga stretches and bends the body in vigorous but natural ways, and private sessions with a yoga expert can help a patient relieve stress, free pinches nerves, and restore their motion and flexibility. And in the case of tense or strained muscles, a series of back massages at the hands of an expert can produce good results. Eased muscles and nerves can also help soothe the mind as well.

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