Cardiovascular Common Sense: Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

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cardiovascular centerAnnually, there are nearly 610,000 heart disease related fatalities in the United States. Caring for your cardiovascular health is a task that must be paid heed to. Here are some tips that promote a healthy heart.

Seems an obvious step to take, but one that strikes patients at a cardiovascular center with painfully clear hindsight. Heart disease isn’t something that materializes abruptly. It’s often a slow process that rings faint warning bells over time. Too many patients don’t see their doctors regularly, sometimes leaving years between checkups. The subtleties of heart disease can be spotted before they critically or fatally progress. Your doctor is an ally (a very learned ally) in the fight against heart disease; let them help. 

As stated above, be proactive with your health and see your doctor regularly! On top of that, improvements in diet and exercise will do your heart wonders. You don’t have to run marathons to look after your heart health, but simple things make a difference. Take the stairs, walk instead of drive, play a recreational sport. Whatever you do, regular physical activity will give your heart a healthy boost.

Part of being proactive is being conscious of your family’s health history. Heart disease is very often a hereditary condition that can slip under the radar without appropriate family research. Anything genetically related to heart disease in your family should be revealed to your doctor so the proper preventative measures can be taken before a problem arises.

Ventrical Vices
For a healthy heart, stay away from things directly detrimental to your cardiovascular health. Tobacco, excessive alcohol consumption, and high fat/cholesterol/sugar foods are some of the more vicious culprits. Yes, eating and drinking the latter two are fine, but in moderation. In some cases, they’re forbidden altogether to eliminate them as risk factors. Tobacco, however, is wholly destructive to your heart (and just about everything else). Ditch the tobacco and your heart will thank you. If you do smoke and have trouble quitting, talk with your doctor. They’ll help you kick the habit in a way that’s best for you.

A cardiologist never wants people to need a cardiovascular center, let alone heart surgery, cardiac rehab, or any other emergency medical care. They’re there first and foremost to prevent, but also to treat. Don’t neglect your heart health by staying away from the doctor and make sure to treat your body right.

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