Can I Prevent Underarm Sweat?

There are all kinds of moments in life that will cause your body to perspire: your morning laps at the gym, a nerve wracking job interview at your dream company, a first date with the new cutie from the suite next to your office. In these times, you can’t afford to have sweat stains leaking through your clothes. If you are always sweating in the underarms area, you may be constantly battling with embarrassing sweat stains, ruined clothes, and unpleasant odors. You have probably asked yourself more than once why you are sweating a lot. Here are some tips to prevent underarm sweat.

Consider upgrading your antiperspirant. A lot of people do not realize that those uncomfortably sweaty hugs and trashed pit stained blouses can be combatted with a clinical strength deodorant. The cheapest deodorants and those that claim to be all natural do little to help people who struggle with excessive sweat—they likely only mask the smell instead of remedy the problem. Search for antiperspirants that have higher levels of aluminum chloride, the compound that mediates sweat levels. The best ones to stop the sweat can be prescribed to you by your doctor.

Tweak your diet. The foods and drinks you consume have a relationship with the body systems responsible for sweat. Most importantly, you should always strive to stay hydrated, since water acts as a climate controller for the core temperature in your body, thusly reducing your need to sweat. Constant sweating could be a sign of dehydration also; experts suggest that adult men consume 13 glasses of water daily, and adult women, eight.

If you are a fast food addict, cutting down on the deep fried and fatty foods can help you to prevent underarm sweat, as well as caffeine and spicy foods. Altering your diet to be focused on fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy carbs will generate lots of benefits for you, with less sweat being one of them.

Explore sweat slashing home remedies. The effectiveness of home remedies are often not grounded in science, but they are usually cheap, easy, and can be done with things you have lying around your home. If you are unable to visit a doctor and have found that changing your diet did not help you, consider some popular home remedies for excessive sweat.

Some popular home remedies include the use of: apple cider vinegar, sage tea, baking soda, black tea, and witch hazel. Again, the effectiveness of home remedies is not nearly as studied or constant as simply visiting your doctor to discuss your options.

Sweating is embarrassing, uncomfortable, and baffling to many people who struggle with excessive sweating. However, it is important that we remember that it is a natural process of the body and simple steps of hydration and relaxation can be all that most people need to do to prevent underarm sweat.

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