Are You Desperate to Find the Help You Need to Save Your Son or Daughter?

Oxycodone addiction

You never thought that you would be a parent dealing with the consequences and dangers of opiate addiction, but you now find yourself in unchartered territory and looking for the best kind of help available.
In your mind, the major changes in your son?s new life on the West coast were fairly superficial. Since he had married and moved to the faster paced life of California, you knew that he had changed his hairstyle, decided to follow the trend of growing facial hair, and had embraced a lifestyle that included lots of hiking and time at the gym.
The pictures posted on social media showed a trimmer, more hairy version of the son who had lived in your home just seven years ago. The superficial transformation that had occurred with your son was pretty dramatic, but you simply thought that it was a part of fitting into the new location. When you live in a part of the country where outdoor activities and warm weather drive many fashion choices, it can be easy to think that those are the biggest changes going on. In hindsight, however, you realize that there were other signs that other things were changing for your son as well.
Even though they were already fairly dramatic, you would take the superficial changes many times over the problems and changes you were just now finding out about. It turns out that while the changes to his physical appearance were very obvious, some mental and behavior changes were not so easy to see from hundreds of miles away. You now realize that your son had been facing a serious battle with drug addiction.
Some how he was able to function pretty well at his computer programming job, but his wife had known for quite some time that her new husband was struggling. She tried to talk to him, tried to get him to go to counseling, and tried to keep him interested in a variety of outdoor physical activities. Her thinking was that some physical exercise and activity could release some of the stress that he was feeling. In the end, however, it appears that his weakness to drugs is an inherited trait toward addiction.
The fact that your son has unsuccessfully attended a treatment center before appears to make the next necessary step even more challenging. You are, in fact, looking for an alternative to the typical rehabilitation program. You need success and you need it sooner rather than later. Your son?s employer is holding a job for him, but the damage to your son?s physical health, his marriage, and his mental state is increasing. You need to find a solution and an approach that can help your son unlock the real secret to his demons. The opiate addiction is the problem that you are trying to solve now, but the underlying problems need to be discovered as well.
Opiate Addiction and Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment Centers Can be Difficult to Find
Any time you are looking for drug or alcohol addiction treatment options you are hoping to find the very best available services. In the case of opiate addiction, however, families are often in a desperate situation that can seem to have no solution. For this reason, families are often willing to go in search of treatment options that provide the best chance for success, even if those treatments are expensive and only available outside of this country.
Ibogaine treatment, although not available in America, is an option for opiate addiction that has been known to eliminate more than 98% of opiate withdrawal symptoms, as well as significantly alleviate post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS). This treatment option is also known for significantly reducing cravings for stimulants and alcohol, increasing the chance of future set backs.
Making the decision to seek expensive treatment outside of the U.S. may seem like a drastic step, but for families dealing with drastic, dangerous situations, Ibogaine is a very worthwhile option. Given that as many as 9.4 million people in the year 2011 reported driving under the influence of illicit drugs, families are often thankful that they are not dealing with bigger problems of arrests and accident fatalities.

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