Alternatives To Laser Eye Surgery San Diego Has Available

Lasik san diego

When it comes to lasik eye surgery san diego residents need to be aware of the risks that are involved. When getting lasik San Diego citizens run the risk of permanently damaging their eyes if they are not careful. To find an alternative to laser eye surgery San Diego residents can go online and research a process called Orthokertatology.

When getting lasik surgery San Diego residents are at risk of damaging their cornea as a result of an accident during the procedure. Instead of laser eye surgery san diego locals can choose to get Ortho K, also known as CRT treatment, to reshape the cornea while asleep. This procedure is non invasive and is a great deal safer than laser surgery. Find a specialist in CRT so that you can improve your eyesight very easily and get more out of the life that you live in the San Diego area.

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