A Look at Physical Therapy Continuing Education

Pt continuing education

The field of physical therapy uses methods such as traction, manipulation, exercise, massage, cold or hot therapy, other such things to assess, diagnose, and treat disabilities, injuries, or disease. In many cases, patients are sent to physical therapy rather than undergoing surgery. Physical therapists work closely with patient of all ages to help them recover or avoid a wide range of physical challenges. A study of 1,435 female soccer players showed that those who participated in a physical therapy program, had an overall ACL injury rate that was 41 percent lower than those who only did a regular warm up routine prior to practice.
Numbers indicate that there are nearly 198,000 licensed physical therapists in the United States. These therapists went through a rigorous educational program including specialized education in science areas including physics, human anatomy, kinesiology and many others. In addition, therapists are required to enroll in physical therapy continuing education coursework.
Physical therapy continuing education is required to keep licenses active and current. Additionally, physical therapy continuing education will make certain that these therapists are up to date on the best techniques and practices of their profession. This area of therapy sees many improvements and changes on a constant basis, so physical therapy continuing education can keep therapists abreast of new techniques and changes. Physical therapy continuing education can include specialty coursework such as pediatrics, neurology, hand rehabilitation and similar areas of study.
There are many options for physical therapy continuing education. There are the regular classes and courses from a classroom setting. There are also audio and video conferencing options available. There are also Internet online physical therapy continuing education courses available. Universities, private companies, and hospitals also provide physical therapy continuing education.
These courses are usually offered in continuing education unites or contact hours. Ten contact hours is equal to one CEU throughout the majority of the country. Individual states determine the required number of physical therapy continuing education hours. Physical therapists can check with their local licensing body to determine the number of physical therapy continuing education classes that are required to remain in good standing.

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