A Look At Male Grooming Habits

From shaving oil for men to mens under eye cream, male grooming has become more important now than it has ever been before. In fact, the market for male grooming and personal care products on a worldwide basis is expected to bring in a revenue that exceeds one hundred and sixty five billion dollars by the time that we reach the year of 2022, now less than five full years away. This means that a growth rate of very nearly five and a half percent will be necessary. The market value for this market will exceed twenty nine billion dollars by that same year.

Shaving oil for men is particularly likely to be on the rise when it comes to sales, as shaving products for men are selling more rapidly than ever before as well. The data that has been gathered on this subject more than backs this up, showing that shaving goods alone will have a market worth of more than three billion dollars by the time that we reach the year of 2020, which is now less than two full years away.

Shaving products like shaving oil for men are hugely diversified and popular among the men of today, particularly here in the United States. Aside from shaving oil for men, other popular shaving accessories include a wide variety of shaving creams as well as mens after shave lotion. Even those who keep some amount of facial hair even after shaving can take advantage of products like shaving oil for men.

But it also must be noted that more men than ever before are choosing to keep their facial hair in place and even let it grow out quite considerably. In fact, more than twenty percent of men who are of an age to grow facial hair don’t shave it or trim it at all. And, in total, up to thirty eight percent of the aforementioned men keep some amount of facial hair, if not all of it.

For men who have facial hair – especially men who have a lot of it – shaving oil for men might not be as necessary. However, there are certainly products out there that are specially developed for facial hair, and nearly twenty percent (eighteen percent, to be more exact) of all men with facial hair say that they use them on a daily or regular basis. From mustache oil to mens styling cream to beard oil for beard care and maintenance, there are many ways in which a man with facial hair can keep his beard or mustache – or really whatever type of facial hair it is that he might have – looking as good as it possibly can.

In addition to products like shaving oil for men and products for the care and keeping of various types of facial hair, many men are also becoming more interested in skin care and skin care products than ever before as well. A skin care kit for men is something that has absolutely skyrocketed in popularity. After all, men deal with many of the same skincare issues that women do, and adult acne can commonly be found in men of all different ages and backgrounds – and the regular use of skin care cream can make a considerable difference in the quality of skin that many men feel that they have, therefore improving their overall confidence and positive sense of self, especially in cases when the acne or other such skin problem was once severe.

Shampoo for men is also important, and marketing shampoo to men is likely to improve the basic cleanliness and hygiene of many men as well. There are now many different types of shampoo for men out there, coming in many different scents and with many different purposes – though all will certainly get the hair of just about any man out there as clean as can possibly be. From the man with long hair to the man with a buzz cut, shampoo for men is an essential step in personal hygiene.

From shaving oil for men to styling products for mens hair to skin care kits, the male grooming market is only likely to keep rising and rising.

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