5 Ways to Reduce the Pain Caused by Sciatica

Sciatic nerve pain

Research conducted by the National Institute of Neurological Disorder finds that 80% of people experience lower back pain at some point. Many people find that sciatica is a condition known to cause feelings of pain. Sciatic nerve pain is especially hard to live with because it can affect a large area of the body. Statistics show that 59% of people that experience chronic pain report that it negatively impacts their enjoyment of life.

  1. Visiting a Chiropractor

    Many people visit a chiropractor to avoid costly and invasive surgeries. A chiropractor is someone skilled in finding natural ways to help a patient manage pain. You’ll find a typical visit to the chiropractor consists of receiving special movements that are designed to reduce pain and inflammation.
  2. Yoga

    Numerous studies have shown that yoga is beneficial to help reduce feelings of pain. Yoga has been around for ages, helping many people to increase their flexibility while recovering from painful conditions. Yoga has been shown to reduce feelings of stress which only adds to its popularity. Many people seeking sciatic nerve relief have taken up yoga as a successful treatment method.
  3. Receiving a Professional Massage

    You’ll find that a massage can make nearly anyone feel relaxed. A massage for sciatica may feel a little different than standard massage therapy. Sciatica massages are often a bit more firm due to the fact that the sciatic nerve is located deep within the body. A masseuse will need to apply firm pressure to the legs and lower back to ensure this nerve is treated properly.
  4. Regular Exercise

    The medical field generally recognizes chronic back pain as pain that has taken place for a period lasting 12 weeks or more. It might seem strange to think of exercising while experiencing pain related to sciatica. However, it’s best to ensure that your body does receive regular exercise. Exercising regularly is beneficial to help someone lose weight, gain muscle, and reduce the risk of diseases. Keeping your body in motion is helpful in reducing painful sciatica bouts.
  5. Natural Supplements

    You’ll want to avoid medication known to be habit forming. These medications only mask pain and can end up becoming major problems. However, there is a wide range of natural supplements available to help relieve pain caused by sciatica. Natural supplements are ones that are easily available and require no prescription. Devil’s root is commonly utilized to help people experience pain relief. Curcumin is another natural supplement known to reduce pain associated with sciatica. You’ll want to start using only one natural supplement at a time in order to assess potential side effects. After you’ve assessed your tolerance for a certain supplement, you can begin to learn what works and what doesn’t.

In summary, there are several ways to help reduce the pain associated with sciatica. Many people visit their chiropractor in order to experience relief from chronic pain. A chiropractor will be aware of which area to target that are specifically suited to sciatic nerve pain relief. Yoga is an activity known to reduce feelings of both stress and pain. There are certain massages available that can be conducted in order to reduce sciatic nerve pain. Activities that keep you physically moving are important to carry out regularly. Certain natural supplements including curcumin and devil’s root are known to help reduce pain associated with sciatica. Many people seek treatment in order to reduce the painful effect that untreated sciatica has on their lives.

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