5 Things to Look for in a Nursing Home

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Senior independent living facilities are not all the dreary, gloomy and depressing places that the stereotype makes them out to be. In fact, lots of them are beautiful condominiums that are fun and lively places to be. If you are having to look into assisted living homes for a loved one, then here are a few things that you can look for.

Various Activities
A good senior independent living center will have a wide array of activities for the residents to participate in. It’s important for them to stay active even after moving into retirement homes or something similar. There could be anything from long walks to tennis or squash to yoga classes and the like. The most important thing is to find a senior independent living home that has activities that your loved one will enjoy taking part in. If there’s nothing that interests them, they may not be active and that will cause a lot more problems in their bodies. A good nursing home knows that it’s important even for the elderly to continue to be as active as possible in their day to day lives. Not only is it good for their hearts and joints and muscles but often times it aids any physical therapy they are doing or during recovery from a surgery.

Clean Facilities
Of course this is something that is important. You never want to put your loved one in a place that is dirty. When you are viewing senior independent living centers, keep an eye out in places that they may not think to clean if no one is checking, such as under the beds or in the showers. If the areas where they think no one sees aren’t clean, you might want to question how they would treat the residents when their family members aren’t around. You don’t want a facility that only looks good where people can see. Hidden dirty areas still cause increased allergies and sickness. Kitchens and bathrooms in particular should be kept sparkling. These are the areas where the most bacteria can build up and it is also the easiest way to get the residents sick; during eating and also bathing.

Beautiful Grounds
After a certain age, people tend to love sitting and looking out over a view. Some before a certain age, but particularly older people like to do this. It gives them time to reflect on their life and think about their loves ones and the blessings that they have and the good things that have happened to them over the course of their lives. Flowers, trees, well kept walk ways, rolling hills and views of the mountains are a great place for people to be able to live and look at. There shouldn’t be too much city around the facility because the pollution could damage the sensitive lungs of the residents and the noise could cause major disturbance. However, you don’t want it to far off the beaten path either so as to encourage family members to come and visit as often as they are able to.

Nutritious Diet
One of the many reasons that family members are put in assisted living facilities, it was found, is that they are losing too much weight at home or not eating properly. Having a nutritious and balanced diet is important. While you don’t want to forbid them from sweets and fun indulgences, this should not be all that they live on. Find a facility that has a fully stocked kitchen and cooks that enjoy what they do. These are the ones that will make a delicious and healthy menu for their residents.

Opening Visiting Hours
A good facility knows that the residents need their family at any and all times. They want to be surround by those that they love and that love them. It’s crucial to their general level of happiness. If the home has open visiting hours then loved ones can stop by whenever and as much as they are able between work and their own lives. The residents shouldn’t be made to feel that they are a burden and open visiting hours will help family members be able to arrange their schedule more easily.

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