5 Antioxidants to Bring Back Your Youth

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Looking younger is something that we all want and we all strive for. We can go to great links to find the best skin care line and high end private label cosmetics that will give us the look we are going for.

Well, I have the answer for anti aging; one word: antioxidants. Creams that contains antioxidants as well as retinol and peptides can actually prevent and lift sagging skin when used regularly. Even the best skin care line may not work as well as natural skin products containing antioxidants. There are so many antioxidants that show up in all kinds of skin care products but they really don’t have to be expensive or popular to work well. Research has made it very clear that there are dozens of antioxidants that are very effective as well as a few that are proven to help anti aging. Below are a few of the antioxidants that will improve anti aging effects.

Vitamin E This is one of the most common antioxidants. It is available in natural and synthetic forms but both provide good antioxidant benefits to the skin. Of course, the natural form is more potent but they both still work. Vitamin E protects the cell membranes from oxidative damage and also early stages of sun damage.

Vitamin C Vitamin C is a very potent antioxidant that focuses on treating wrinkles, dull skin and brown spots. When applied as a cream it increases collagen production which is how it fights against wrinkles. It can also strengthen the skins barrier response and reduce inflammation. Vitamin C and vitamin E work very well together.

Resveratrol This works as a protective agent for the skin. It’s found in red grapes, red wines, nuts and fruit like blueberries and cranberries. It protects a good Sunday image also and improves collagen production much like vitamin C and E but it also reduces cell damage.

Retinol Retinol is simply the entire vitamin A molecule. This antioxidant contains what is called a cell communicating ingredient which reduces breakouts and red marks from past breakouts. It can also help to promote firmer skin with better texture.

Green tea Green tea is actually a very potent antioxidant when it is consumed as well as topically applied. Green tea, which contains the EGCG extract, can prevent collagen breakdown and improve sun damage. Green tea can also reduce inflammation which is helpful for rosacea.

As mentioned earlier, vitamin E and vitamin C work very well together but combining any of these antioxidants helps them to perform even better. The more the merrier! So if you are serious about your skin care routine then forget trying to find the best skin care line that makes you look youthful again and focus on finding products that contain these antioxidants.

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