4 Signs It’s Time To Visit Your Cardiologist

While it’s often easy to write off heart disease as a problem that’s unlikely to affect you personally, there’s actually a good chance of you struggling with heart health at some point during your life. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, and even if your heart’s health isn’t in that severe of a condition, it’s important to maintain your heart health regularly. Here are just a few signs that it might be time to visit your cardiologist for a check up.

  • Heart or chest pain: Obviously, if you’ve been experiencing any degree of heart or chest pain, you’ll want to schedule a visit to your local cardiovascular center to make sure everything is alright. Of course, if your pain is in any way severe, be sure to seek out emergency treatment.
  • Family history: While there are a variety of conditions that may cause you to be predisposed to heart disease, one of the easiest to recognize and address is your family history. If someone in your immediate family has developed heart issues in the past, you’ll likely want to seek out a cardiologist to help you assess your risk of developing problems later in life.
  • Pregnancy complications: Some pregnant women may be at risk of increased heart trouble as a result of pregnancy or preeclampsia. Talk to your local gynecologist, maternity center, or women’s health clinic for recommendations on if you need to seek out additional heart care during this point in your life, as pregnancy is one of the two times in a woman’s life where they’re more likely to develop heart disease.
  • New medications: If you’ve recently started a new medication plan for another condition, you may want to visit your cardiologist. Certain types of medications, such as hormone replacement therapy, may impact your likelihood of developing heart health issues. Of course, every person and treatment plan is different, so speaking with your doctor will help you determine your chances of dealing with side effects.

If it has been a while since you last discussed heart health with your doctor, you may want to schedule a visit with a cardiologist to keep your heart as healthy as possible. For more information on heart health or to schedule a visit with a cardiologist, contact us today.


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