3 Times You Should Go to Urgent Care

Everett walk in clinic

Urgent care centers have grown in the last decade and established themselves as a premier walk in clinic system. They provide expert care at what is most often a fraction of the cost of an emergency room, in addition to being committed to fast treatment. Overall, you will save hundreds of dollars and spend much less time at their facilities for the exact same care that you would receive at an emergency room. Read on for a few times you should consider urgent care over the ER!

Sports Injuries

About 12 million young people between the ages of five and 22 are affected by a sports-related injury each year, resulting in 20 million days of school missed. In addition, sport-related injuries cost about $33 billion every year. You could save time and money by going to an urgent care center instead. Four out of five urgent care facilities now offer fracture care as well!

Colds and Flus

You would be surprised at how many people wander into the emergency room with just a cold or flu simply because their normal doctor’s office is closed. The problem is, this clogs up the emergency room and makes it more difficult for those who really need to be in the emergency room to get care. Colds and flus can easily be dealt with at urgent care, and with their flexible hours, there’s no reason to clog the ER!


Many are unaware of the fact that you can receive a physical, STD testing, HIV testing, hazmat screenings, and even flu shots at an urgent care center. These walk in clinics are equipped for much more than many realize, so why not give it a shot?

Have you been to a walk in clinic lately? What was your experience like? Would your recommend urgent care to other loved ones? We’d love to hear about it!

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