3 Surprising Reasons to Sign Up for Tennis for Beginners

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Have you always wanted to try playing tennis but were too scared to be a beginner at something? Some people might think that tennis lessons are only for kids, but that’s simply not true. Anyone can take to the courts for beginner tennis lessons at a racquet club, regardless of age or skill level.

Just what can you get out of tennis for beginners at a local sports and health fitness club? Here are three of the biggest benefits to playing tennis, even if you’re just starting out:

Improve (or establish) your fitness routine.

If you’re trying to get to a new, healthier you, then enrolling in tennis for beginners is an excellent first step. Tennis is heart-healthy because it gives you a good aerobic workout. For instance, tennis footwork drills offer some cardio as you learn how to move on the court. Playing tennis at a moderately vigorous pace at least three times weekly can help players lose about half a pound per week, which is an ideal and healthy amount of weight loss. Activities such as tennis don’t just help you shed winter weight, though. Playing tennis on a regular basis can also help reduce the risk of death by heart attack, heart disease or stroke by 50%.

Meet new people.

Tennis clubs are known for being social, and they provide plenty of membership perks to get customers through the door on a regular basis. Socials, mixers, and other activities help you meet new people in your community and connect with others who are either new to tennis or seasoned pros. Meeting other new players gives you the chance to find people who may want to help you practice. Those who have been playing for a long time can offer you valuable advice to help you get better at the game with time.

Learn a new skill.

If you made it your goal for this year to learn something new, there’s still plenty of time to get started. Although 2015 is almost halfway over, there are still plenty of tennis clubs offering lessons, even starting during the summer and autumn. And even if you’ve played tennis before, taking tennis for beginners can still provide you with a foundation for learning the sport with the help of tennis professionals.

If you’re interested in taking tennis lessons, find a tennis academy or one of the racquet and tennis clubs near you that offers these classes.

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