3 Reasons Ibogaine Drug Treatment Could Lead the Battle Against Addiction

Ibogaine addiction treatment facility

After years and years of failing to find treatments for one of the most prevalent diseases plaguing society, addiction and drug abuse has still managed to survive through them all.

While some treatments have shown progress, there is no sure fire mainstream method available for stimulant addictions. Even addicts who are able to stay away from substances usually live with the strong craving for the rest of their life.

However, as of recent, an experimental pharmaceutical called Ibogaine, has shown much promise in this area. Naturally occurring in the West African shrub Iboga, this substance is an alkaloid which essentially resets neurochemistry to the state addicts were in before they began their substance abuse. So how exactly does Ibogaine drug treatment help with addiction?:

  1. Withdrawal: Ibogaine detox appears to alleviate the painful physical withdrawal that occurs during this necessary stage of treatment. By resetting the receptors in the brain usually affected by the stimulants, it essentially blocks the intense cravings and co-occurring symptoms. Some studies have shown that Ibogaine addiction treatment reduced cravings after just 72 to 96 hours of being ingested.
  2. Single treatment: Unlike other pharmaceuticals used during detox, such as Methadone or Suboxone, Ibogaine drug treatment only needs to be administered once. Many substance abusers who tried Iboagine report it feels as if all memory of their dependency is completely wiped out.
  3. Brain chemistry: Not only does Ibogaine therapy remove the cravings of drug addiction, but it also balances out brain chemistry, such as the levels of dopamine, serotonin, endorphin, and even adrenaline that all contribute to both addiction and the symptoms of detox.

Ibogaine drug treatment has shown real promise in the battle against addiction. While it’s only available in certain places in the United States, Ibogaine became unregulated in Mexico due to its positive results. Hopefully America will soon follow suit.

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