3 Questions to Ask When Visiting Potential Birth Centers

With there being about four million babies born every year in the U.S., there are several options when it comes to giving birth. But one increasingly popular option for delivery locations is a birth center. Birth center advantages are endless, as long as you choose the right one for you. So to help you ensure you’re choosing the best birthing clinic possible, here are a few important questions to ask when you’re visiting potential centers.


What’s your policy on visitors? Many hospitals have strict restrictions regarding how many people can be in the room before, during, and after the baby is born. Fortunately, most birth centers don’t have these restrictions. Obviously, the room can’t be overcrowded and the staff members need room to work. But there may not be any restrictions on the number of visitors allowed — make sure you ask so you can plan ahead and decide who you want to be there.


How long will I be allowed to stay after the birth? A birth center birth is designed to make both the mom and the baby feel as comfortable as possible. This often comes with comfortable, home-like rooms or suites that recovering moms can rest in after the birth. Some hospitals require new moms to stay a certain amount of time after delivering for observation, but that might not be the case at a birth and maternity centers. So whether you only want to stay a few hours or plan to stay a few days, make sure you ask.


What kind of staff members will be present during my delivery? It’s absolutely important to know who will be taking care of you during your stay. Most birth centers have practitioners and midwives to help aid during a birth center birth — you should always ask about the experience and certification of the staff members at the center. This will help you understand what their qualifications are and whether or not you feel comfortable with them helping with your delivery.


You need to make visits and ask questions before deciding on a birthing center. So when you visit potential centers, make sure to ask these simple questions to help you decide if the center is a good fit or not.


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