3 Benefits of Engaging in Holistic Health Care and Alternative Healing

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In order to overcome certain health issues, it is often necessary to concentrate on one’s whole self and well being rather than just the one particular issue or malady. All aspects of one’s self — mind, body, and soul — come together under a field of alternative healing called holistic health. Treatment extends much farther than the boundaries of traditional medicine.

There are many benefits in engaging in natural or alternative healing methods, and they typically outstrip the long term effects of Western medicines. Check out these reasons to improve the quality of your life by changing the way you think about self care:

  • No Harmful Chemicals

    By looking inward instead of outward for strength and healing, the need for the use of harmful drugs, which tend to treat symptoms and not causes, is greatly reduced. Indeed, consider that 19% of headache sufferers stopped taking their medication after completing reflexology work. No more side effects and long term effects that simply spawn other health problems, and do not address any physiological effects.
  • Relaxation

    One of the major benefits to treatments that fall under the umbrella of holistic health is that they are very effective in elimination stress, which can often be a root cause of many health problems. Treatments like Abhyanga massage, part of the Ayuverdic tradition, a 5,000 year old healing practice from India, and acupuncture, which over 3 million Americans have tried, can seriously feel the effects throughout their whole selves — not just their bodies.
  • Pain Relief
    Let go of the pain with holistic traditions like yoga and reflexology. Reflexology was found to aid in pain reduction in 27 different studies, and indeed, yoga is primarily practiced to achieve overall wellness.

Making a deliberate choice to take your life back from what can seem like overwhelming obstacles coming from within is a powerful and meaningful choice. Expect to feel better physically, happier, and less stressed out.

There is no reason not to try the variety of choices available to explore when it comes to alternative healing and self care!

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