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Sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep or shallow breathing during sleep. The pauses in breathing usually start with normal breathing then followed by the pauses. The pauses can be from seconds to minutes. It is a chronic condition and can make one feel tired the whole day because of lack of good night sleep. The shallow breaths or the pauses in breathing brings one from deep sleep to light sleep, to deep sleep, then to light sleep, again and again. The condition is very hard to detect and many doctors usually fail to properly diagnose the condition. This is because unlike other disorders or conditions wherein a test can be perform to make an accurate diagnosis, with sleep apnea there is no test that can be done for a diagnosis of the condition. And yet it is important to have the condition detected and treated as soon as possible because it can increase the risk of heart attack, hypertension, diabetes and stroke. One of the most effective treatments for sleep apnea is the Louisville CPAP alternative treatment for sleep apnea. Here are two facts about sleep apnea and why a Louisville CPAP alternative or Southern Indiana CPAP alternative is the best form of treatment for the condition.

First, if you think you have sleep apnea, you should go to a Jeffersonville sleep apnea or Louisville sleep apnea clinics, specifically to a Louisville CPAP alternative dental clinic. This is because people suffering from the condition usually do not realize that they have it because they are sleeping. It is usually the partner who notices it. And so if your partner or family member is suffering from sleep apnea, you should take him to a Louisville CPAP alternative dental clinic. Louisville CPAP alternative dentist can give you a fast and accurate diagnosis. With other sleep apnea clinics, you will be asked to go from one doctor to another, to going to sleep lab, to having CAT scan and others before you can get a diagnosis. With Louisville CPAP alternative dentist everything is right there at the clinic so getting the right diagnosis is easier and faster.

Second, since there are many Southern Indiana sleep apnea and New albany sleep apnea clinics, more likely you will be asked to use CPAP. For those who have already used this, they will tell you how uncomfortable it is to wear. Some have problems with the leaky mask. Then there are those who suffer from dry nose or dry mouth. And for a lot of people they simply cannot sleep. So instead of treating the sleep disorder, one suffers from another sleep problem. This is not the case with Louisville CPAP alternative treatment. All these problems are eliminated with the Louisville CPAP alternative treatment. It is definitely more comfortable that you will finally have good nights sleep. Find out more at this site: www.louisvillesleepapnea.com

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