avatarMy name is Bella Arendt, and I studied health science in college. I started this website because I am fascinated by how your dietary choices and habits affect your body! I was always fascinated by how illnesses or colds impacted your body. No one likes being sick, whether it’s just a small cold or a sickness that is much more severe. Healthy cells in your body are what you strive for, but I’m sure that you personally have been impacted or someone that you know has had to deal with the news that their body’s cells aren’t healthy. I have taken many science classes that taught me about the human body and health. I have also read many books and online journals talking about many topics that range from being more health related to more science in nature. Some of the most interesting science topics that I’ve studied are how bacteria and viruses affect your body. I want to share what I have learned with you so that you can do your best to avoid getting sick and so that you can set yourself up with a healthy lifestyle! However, if you are not fortunate enough to avoid contracting a sickness, I wanted to share what I know about different options that you can utilize, such as the implementation of medicine or treatment. I want you to have all the tools, so that you can take care of your health and body. Check out my website for a smattering of ideas that will help you or one of your loved ones deal with a health problem or sickness. However, you shouldn’t just go to my website for serious health advice; you should go to your health physician or doctor! Your doctor is the ultimate one that will use his or her hands-on experience to take care of you and your body, but I am here to offer you tips and to answer any questions that you may have about your health.

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