4 Tips for Motivating Yourself to Start Trying to Lose Weight Again

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There are all kinds of things that go into losing weight. May you are not yet at the point where you want to check out quick weight loss centers or find out about medical weight loss surgery, stomach shots, medical weight loss programs or anything else. If you still have a little determination left in you then here are a few things that might help motivate you to get back on the weight loss train.

Calorie Limits are Crucial
You should research what your calorie limit should be according to your gender, age, activity level, current weight and goal weight. Then, the goal is to reach that calorie limit but not to go over. If you go over the limit you will likely gain weight. However, if you end up under, then your body may start breaking down your muscle tissues in order to create energy. While the scale may show that you are losing weight, it could just be a loss of muscle mass which will weaken your strength, heighten your body fat percentage and altar your overall body composition unfavorably. Your body needs to be your calorie limit in order to burn fat otherwise it will store the fat and burn the muscle instead.

It’s 80% Diet, 20% Exercise
You may have heard this before and it’s true. This means that you cannot eat terrible and then work out like crazy and hope that it evens out. Most quick weight loss center will tell you to focus on your diet and making sure that you are eating zero calorie foods and metabolism boosting food. While, this is definitely one way to do it, keep in mind that the faster you lose weight, the faster you are likely to put it back on. This is because you will not have built up the habits and discipline necessary to maintain that lower weight.

Figure Out Your Recommended Macro Nutrients
If you determine that your calorie limit is going to be 1,500, you could eat about five pieces of pepperoni pizza and be within your calorie limit. However, you will be taking in 50g of fat, 180g carbohydrates and 19g of sugar. That could be more than you need on a daily basis to maintain your weight much less lose weight. To figure out your macros, you should talk to your doctor and have him or her recommend a balanced diet for you. Cutting out a food group entirely may not be necessary for you or it may be the best thing, it really just depends on who you are and what your lifestyle is like. However, generally speaking, most people benefit from a diet that as a percentage of everything in it.

Exercise According to Your Level
If you haven’t exercised in a year and then try to start back in where you left off, chances are, you are going to kill yourself and not be able to work out again for a few days. That defeats the purpose entirely. Start off with low impact exercises and keep your heart rate in the fat burning zone. Once you get through the first few workouts, you will be encouraged and motivated. This will help you to continue working out every day. Remember, exercise is only 20% of your success so you can afford to focus on consistency rather than results, at least in the beginning. You can build up as you create good habits and strength and stamina. Quick weight loss centers usually recommend foregoing exercise all together and focusing on an extremely low calorie diet. However, quick weight loss centers are also not looking at the long term but rather the kind of results that you can get as soon as possible.

You could go the route of stomach shots for weight loss or some other time of sculpting, etc., but you may find that they don’t pan out in the long run. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results if you are following these four tips. If you stick it out and continue to persevere then you will definitely see at least small results and victories within a few short weeks.

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